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We combine extensive experience and knowledge in the field of pharmaceutical and healthcare industry as well as marketing research and consulting in the field of health.

Marketing research

We are experts in the management and positioning of brands in the field of healthcare and pharmacy. We offer a wide range of marketing research in healthcare and pharmacy. MedCare has a long tradition of collecting data using different methodologies. The projects and implementation of only these are completely adapted to the client’s wishes and needs.

We are experts in the field of conducting marketing research among the professional public. We have been building excellent, trustworthy relationships with doctors of various specialties for many years. . This is our key advantage on the market, as we have an open door to all general practitioners, pharmacists, and specialist doctors.

Marketing decisions are based on data. Our goal, in achieving which we are relentless and do not compromise, is the quality of the collected data.

Implementation of a comprehensive marketing research

In the field of marketing research, our company has been successfully cooperating with Szinapszis from Hungary for several years. The company is specialized in marketing research and consulting in the field of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products and it is a leading company in this segment in its country, with more than 25 years of tradition. Together, we implement the most demanding marketing research projects in the entire Adriatic region (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina).

We advise you how to choose the most optimal type of research, and after the completion of the fieldwork, we prepare a final report with guidelines and proposals for future steps and strategic decisions. Based on the obtained research results, we help you formulate a strategy for the further development of the brand. Our knowledge and skills range from quality data collection to fact-based marketing advice.

Telephone interviewing of the professional public

This type of survey is recommended especially for shorter forms of the questionnaire and where it is necessary to cover a larger number of respondents. This type of survey often goes in the direction of recruiting by phone and redirecting the target person to an online questionnaire. Our team is specially qualified to conduct surveys for all types of specializations of doctors and pharmacists. It is an affordable solution for carrying out research among the professional public.

Field interviewing of the professional public

Among research options, we also offer field personal research among the professional public. In addition to classic field surveys, this one also includes conducting in-depth interviews as a qualitative research method. We carry out the mentioned research methods both with doctors of various specializations, with pharmacists and with end consumers or patients.

It is an excellent opportunity to approach the desired target groups in the case of longer and more complex questionnaires or interviews. Or in the case of access to hard-to-reach specializations of doctors. This type of survey is also extremely suitable in case of the need to use visualization materials during the survey (pictures, videos, etc.)

Mystery shopping in pharmacies and specialized stores

Mystery Shopping service is anonymous research of pharmacist-to-customer relationships in pharmacies and specialized stores. Through research, we check how the pharmaceutical staff behaves towards customers. Here, we do not collect data from real customers, but from virtual consumers – mystery shoppers. Mystery shoppers visit a pharmacy, make contact with a pharmacist, and put themselves in the role of a real buyer according to a pre-arranged scenario.

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