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We combine extensive experience and knowledge in the field of pharmaceutical and healthcare industry as well as marketing research and consulting in the field of health.

Our Services

Rental MedRep

We are specialized in the marketing and promotion of pharmaceutical products (RX, OTC) and also food supplements, medical devices and medical cosmetics to the professional public. Within our visits, we personally communicate to general practitioners (GPs), specialist doctors, dentists, pharmacies and specialized stores. Our services are available all over the Adriatic region, such as Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Market Research

We are experts in the management and positioning of brands in the field of healthcare and pharmacy. We offer a wide range of marketing research in healthcare and pharmacy. MedCare has a long tradition of collecting data using different methodologies. The projects and implementation of only these are completely adapted to the client’s wishes and needs.

Call center

In our call center, we have specially trained experts with many years of experience in telemarketing and surveying the professional public.

We defend the position that this type of communication requires specially trained personnel with clear knowledge in healthcare and pharmacy. This is precisely why our communication with the professional public is at an extremely high and professional level. This is also recognized by our clients.

Rental of pharmacy advisors/promotors

We have a great team of individual advisers/promoters we can offer for marketing products within a pharmacy or specialized store and at various other events. Po dogovoru so lahko naše svetovalke prisotne tudi na večjih internih dogodkih naročnika. Our team of advisers is professional, experienced and reliable.

Search and selection of executive professionals

If there is a need in your company to strengthen the team with new colleagues, especially in the marketing and sales departments, we can help you choose a suitable candidate.

We are in daily contacts with various candidate profiles, with exceptional individuals in the field of pharmaceutical marketing and sales. We work in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, so it is easier for us to fully understand your needs, your strategic goals and your expectations regarding the selection of the right candidate. We guarantee you a customized approach, appropriate counseling and selection of candidates.

Digital marketing

Continuous professional training of doctors and pharmacists is their professional responsibility and duty. If we want doctors and pharmacists to follow the latest trends on the market, they must constantly improve and upgrade their professional knowledge. Given their busy schedule, this is extremely difficult and stressful for them. That’s why we offer friendlier, more dynamic educational practices.

Sales trainings and education

Our sales trainings are specially adapted for medical and sales representatives and for sales and marketing teams.

Trainings are led by an expert with many years of recognized domestic and international experience in managing successful sales departments, who has relevant international certificates. Our top expert is a recognized specialist in management positions who worked in many international corporations. Under his leadership, sales teams achieve top results and enviable business growth.

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